Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ms Super BatCat

I haven't got the chance to blog about what i gave Dayang for her NY2011 pressie cum sew & swap.
 Ms Super BatCat
100% cotton fabric
except for the mask and cape's ribbon.

up close ( face)
blue & green eyes.
handsew the nose & mouth

up close ( body)

 with her cape ( removable)

 and also changeable skirt

the idea was derived from one site i found during my googleling .
unfortunately being a forgetful jones, i can't remember the site .
anybody out there could help me?

based upon the picture, i drafted my own pattern with extra adjustment here and there.
and walllahhhhhh.... Ms Super Batcat !

my first attempt at making a softtoy.
for Dayang


  1. ure so creative! never thought to sew a softtoy before..boleh ke ehh?

  2. wow.. not bad.. & cute too.. i wonder if nezha will ever happen to wear a skirt around him. hahahahhaa....

  3. boleh la marie... i pon memula tu dekat dua hari jugak dok renung kain ngan paper tu. then gamble jer belasah.