Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mine ! Mine ! All Mine!

walllahhh walllahhhhhhhh...
i got my gifttttt ... i gottttt my giftttt ( singing ok ! while jumping in the office- tak malu)

My gorgeous table runner
ashley gonna be so to hide it from her.

Thank you Ms Nuno Lady....THANKS A ZILL!

additional info :
i almost forgot to add this in ,
as per informed by Nuno Lady, it was handmade from
Japanese Cotton KOTO Design by Alexander Henry.
She sent it to me in a nicely package with a small but memorable note attached.
Thank you Zura for organising the Swap.
May the force be with you
May you organise the same kinda sewwy swappy proggramy in the future.


  1. That's a great looking table runner! Exotic, far eastern beauty, I'm happy for you dear, thanks for taking part ya? Love to cutie Ashley and the gang! ;)

  2. Nice!!
    Oh! so jealous of that KOTO print. One of my fav. Dok simpan aje kain sbb sayang nak buat pape..